Ocean State Libraries Seeking Executive Director

Ocean State Libraries Inc. is a member funded and member run consortium of all the public libraries in RI. It is governed by the ByLaws of the organization which provide for an 11 member Steering Committee to whom the Executive Director reports. All other OSL staff report to the Executive Director.

The Bylaws provide for several standing committees and also allow for the Steering Committee to create working groups, either to provide ongoing support in various areas of the organization, or to provide short term review and assessment on specific charges from the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meets a minimum of 10 times per year. The full membership meets a minimum of four times per year. Officers serve terms of varying length and terms are staggered so that the composition of the Steering Committee changes somewhat every year.

A budget is recommended to the membership annually by the Steering Committee, and the Bylaws determine the methodology by which the full budget is allocated to the individual member libraries as their annual fees.

The Executive Director is responsible for administering the operation of Ocean State Libraries, Inc. and its services. He or she participates in the development of consortium goals and policies and provides leadership in implementing them, as authorized by the Steering Committee.

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